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Cegid Expert View Own or rent? SaaS as a Strategic Choice
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Over the past ten years, retailers and IT managers have been increasingly receptive to the idea of Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) made its appearance in early 2000 and has since proven itself in all areas of retail distribution, and in all types of organisations (from retailers with one or two points-of-sale to retailers with hundreds of stores worldwide). 

SaaS helps retailers to better manage their business, operating expenses and seasonal cycles. Organisations no longer have to worry about purchasing and can change or adapt applications according to their business requirements.

So what are the reasons for its success? IT costs are calculated according to actual use and the reliability and solid security of the software and networks enables retailers to adapt to regular changes in activity (additional points-of-sale, new store openings, new distribution networks or international expansion). These scenarios make SaaS a strategic tool for today’s retailer.

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